Victoria Cummins and CARE are saving the pigs!

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Victoria Cummins (third from right) and CARE petitioning Dow Constantine. Photo credit: Ivanna Renee de Anda,

CHID and business major Victoria Cummins has been featured in the Sequim Gazette for her work with the Campus Animal Rights Educators!

“Since I was little, I’ve always questioned things”

Victoria has been working with CARE to promote vegan dining options on campus, humane treatment of animals, and safe spaces for all eaters. Rather than using pigs to practice airway opening procedures in paramedic training programs, CARE advocates for alternative simulator models. The club's campign to end the practice at UW included a petition with 1,125 signatures from students, staff and alumni, which has ultimately initiated a phase out process.

Victoria told Nash that “it wasn’t until I went to school in Seattle that I understood a larger social system of how things work and how animals are raised for food commercially.” We are proud of Victoria's committment to questioning, critiquing, and creating a better campus for people and piggies!


CARE provides great resources like the UW VEG FOOD GUIDE. To learn more about CARE, check out their website here:

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