CHID's intersections Reborn as Online Magazine

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This past spring CHID’s academic journal intersections was re-launched as an online magazine. Initiated in 1993, the journal had been out of circulation for several years until Winter 2015, when then-senior Shannon Foss organized a complete revamp of the publication by reaching out to other students in the department. Along with Shannon, five other students formed the first curating team: Nat Mengist, Amelia Batayola, Michael Beach, Alec Sullivan and Mariel Vaca-Cruz.

Through collaborative effort and guiding CHID principles of multiplicity, inclusivity and critical analysis, intersections hopes to provide a space where inter-genre work created by CHID students, alumni and faculty is showcased in a way that inspires people and sparks conversation. Contributors are encouraged to break from traditional criteria that typically define academic journals and to present their work in a creative manner whether it is through words, photographs, music, or video. The work featured online reflects intersectional and unconventional contributions, ranging from poems about memory loss and humankind's struggle to fight against the inevitable decay of our mind, to essays discussing inequality in our education system, race in the media, to a photo-essay about gelato in a global frame. For more information regarding submissions, please find the new intersections at

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