Brian Park, CHID senior will facilitate course connecting Engineering and Social Justice

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Want to connect engineering and social justice?

In ENGR 202 E (Autumn 2014) we'll be asking some questions like: 

• Is technology political? Who wins when a dam is built and who loses when
an engineer designs a robot?

• What is the relationship between engineering, technology, society,
ecology, and health?

• How can engineers work for social justice at the drawing boat and in their
daily lives?

• Who do we engineer for? Who defines the problems we solve? Whose work is
considered engineering?

• Why are women and people of color still so underrepresented in engineering

These questions and discussions of the context of the engineering discipline
and the values undergirding the work of engineers is notably absent from
most skill-focused engineering curricula. This seminar is intended to fill
this gap by creating a space to reflect on the impact of engineers and
technologies on society and to imagine a new kind of engineering and
technological development for the common good.

The course is open to all levels and all majors, including non-engineers.
Freshmen and sophomores considering engineering but with reservations are
strongly encouraged to enroll. There are no prerequisites other than a
desire to learn about the subject and participate actively in class. Course
assignments will include readings, reflections, and conceptual designs.

Email Brian Park bpark92[at] for more info!

ENGR 202 E | SLN#: 14250 (open to ALL majors)

Grading: 2 Credits | Credit/No Credit

Time: Tuesday, 2:30-4:20 pm | Room: Lowe 118

Facilitators: Brian Park and Eze Klarnet |