CHID Alum Nathaniel Deines Awarded Position at Getty Research Institute

Submitted by Amy R. Peloff on

Nathaniel Deines ('12) has recently accepted a position as the Research Projects & Digital Art History Graduate Intern at the Getty Research Institute (GRI). He is currently an MFA student in the Aesthetics & Politics program in the Critical Studies department at the California Institute of the Arts. His current research is on the figure of the amateur and economies of contribution in the arts. He is the first person from CalArts ever to receive this grant.

The GRI's Research Projects & Programs section manages the GRI's institutional research agenda, leads individual research projects, and oversees all of the GRI's public and educational programming. The Digital Art History department oversees and/or collaborates on digital initiatives and research projects throughout the GRI and across the Getty. The graduate intern will engage in research, project and program management, the digital humanities, aspects of scholarly and applied research, digital research and development, team-based research, writing for multiple audiences and outlets, program planning and coordination, and institutional documentation. In addition to working with all of the GRI's research projects, the graduate intern will engage with seventeen ongoing projects such as Lawrence Alloway, Critic & Curator; Producing Empire: The Politics of Representation in France and North Africa; and/or Scholars' Workspace (a collaborative digital environment). The position is made possible through a grant from the Getty Foundation.