4/18: Return to the Beehive to Celebrate CHID!

Submitted by Amy R. Peloff on

It’s time to celebrate CHID and all the wonderful work we’ve done together over the past decade!

This April will mark the ten-year anniversary of “Swarming the Beehive,” an event created after CHID lost our beloved Associate Director Jim Clowes. To help shake off the sadness brought on by our grief, we decided to celebrate the impact that Jim had made on the lives of so many people who have moved through the CHID program. We threw a heck of a party at an old warehouse in South Lake Union—there was live music, spoken word poetry, films, plays, art, dancing, and even an aerial performance. It was a powerful event that reflected both the strength of our feelings of loss and love, and our pride at being a part of the amazing learning community that Jim helped build within CHID.

Why the “Beehive”? At Jim’s “Last Lecture,” one student was struck by the image of everyone swarming around Jim, like bees around a beehive. And CHID is still buzzing! We’ve done quite a lot since then, which means it’s time for a new party! This time around we want to focus on how CHID has grown, shifted, and changed over this past decade. A lot of people have joined this community in the interim—many hundreds of new undergrads, new staffers, and new faculty—who have all brought their unique ideas and projects to CHID. Come join us April 18th at the Hugo House to celebrate not only the past ten years with CHID, but also CHID’s present and future!

We will be featuring beer from Bainbridge Island Brewing, and coffee from Slate Coffee Roasters. There will be films, theater, music, and art. This is going to be a LOT of fun!

To RSVP, please visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/return-to-the-beehive-tickets-11108982265.

Tickets (suggested donation, at the door): $5 for current students/$10 for everyone else