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The Critical Gaming Project's New Featured Article Series: Critical Exemplars

Submitted by Amy R. Peloff on February 10, 2014 - 4:39pm

As a follow up to last year’s series Better Game Culture, the Critical Gaming Project has invited authors to share commentary on specific games they consider to be critical exemplars for some reason or another, exploring how their chosen game serves as a catalyst for new thinking. This series will provide readers with an inspirational collection of concrete game examples and ways of thinking about them that provide new grounds for critical discussion and innovative design. The first essay is by Terry Schenold on the game "Papers, Please."

The Critical Gaming Project (CGP) at the UW is the brainchild of CHID instructor and English doctoral candidate Terry Schenold. Since 2007, Terry has collaborated with faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students at UW (as well as the larger Seattle community, including the Wing Luke Museum) to push the developing field of game studies into new areas of critical engagement. The CGP describes itself as “a collaborative, interdisciplinary working group and community of players at UW dedicated to the critical study and teaching of games.  We are committed to the idea that games occupy an important part of the contemporary media ecology, and that they are necessary objects of analysis. We hope to foster game research and pedagogy in universities and develop productive interactions between disciplines, scholars, players, and general public.”

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