Keywords for Video Game Studies session on VIOLENCE, Oct.11 @1:30pm

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The Keywords for Video Game Studies graduate interest group’s (GIG) first event of the Autumn Quarter is on Thursday, October 11, 1:30-3:30 PM, in Communication 202. This is our first public reading group/workshop of the year and will focus on the gaming term “Violence.”

There will be free food & drink!

In our discussions we will consider....

  • What are the different manifestations of violence depicted in video games?  Is there more than just physical/combat/weaponized violence?
  • How do contexts shape player interpretation of violent video game experiences?  Is violence only limited to the diegesis of game play?
  • What are the affordances and dangers of the popular debate over video games and violence?  How might we negotiate technolibertarianism on the one hand and technophobia on the other?

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