Very Cool CHID Classes, First Installment: “CHID 480 F: Mediating Identities”

Submitted by Phillip S Thurtle on

Today’s installment: Ed Chang’s CHID 480 F: Special Topics: “Mediating Identities: Technologies of the Self”.

Ed is the winner of UW’s excellence in Teaching Award and has facilitated many, many interesting CHID focus groups. Despite Ed’s deep connections to the CHID Program, this is the first time Ed has taught a full five-credit class for us. This class focuses on the co-constitution of identities and informational technologies. Ed writes: “in a world of increasing technological ubiquity, how might we imagine and define a “technological identity?”  What are the relationships between identity and technology?  How does technology shape our identity or identities and vice versa?  We will explore everyday technologies like fashion and consumer culture, cyberspace technologies like video games and social networking sites, and body modification technologies like cosmetic surgery and bioengineering.”