The Interconnectedness of Art, Culture and Nation

Student Name
Mohammad Daragheh
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Supervised by
Phillip Thurtle

This focus group looks into the study of arts, philosophy and aesthetics with an emphasis on Persian art, history, heritage and culture, and its interrelations. The following questions will be an array of prompts we will address and discuss during our focus group.

- Is art a representation of culture, and how does it shape who we are?

- Considering that the gap between art and culture can be filled with archeology, who owns archeological artifacts?

- The perplexity of multicultural identity of a region; different ethnicities, races, languages, religions, and political views

- Can we refer to art works produced in the area of what is today called Iran or the neighboring regions by terms such as Persian, Islamic and Iranian interchangeably?

Academic Term
Autumn 2022
Assigned Section