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Queering Anarchism

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Olivia Jacobs & Linds Whittaker
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Supervised by: 
Tahtzee Nico

Anarchism is a political, social, and economic framework with the goal of abolishing domination and hierarchy in favor of voluntary cooperation. This course centers anarchaqueer thought, or the abolition of hierarchies such as transmisogyny, heteronormativity, and patriarchy as a means for queer liberation. In the spirit of anarchist principles of self-management and anti-authoritarianism, we will utilize collective decision making to develop specific objectives, requirements, and class structure. Participants do not need relevant prior coursework to meaningfully engage in this course. Our collective commitment to queer liberation and willingness to experiment with anarchist pedagogy will create a challenging and fascinating learning experience. Two graduate students from the Q Center will facilitate this focus group.

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