Dreamix: Re-Imagining Unreality Through Multimedia Remix

Student Name
Andrew Ryan
Student Email
Supervised by
Phillip Thurtle
This focus group will ask students to remix media to help identify and elaborate the role of dreaming in our understanding of how we personally and collectively embody the unreal in daily life. Students will be asked to identify their “media-muse”: a specific form of media they interact with regularly that they can use to create a remixed dream journal for our class. These journals will be progressively added to each week as we discuss basic remix modes (such as supercuts, juxtapositions/compositions, mashup, intertextual conversation, and collage) and address the intellectual issues and questions that surround them. In order to contextualize these modes and questions, we will be reading excerpts from “the Routledge Companion to Remix Studies” and “Remix Theory” by Eduardo Navas, allowing us to contribute to conversations of intellectual and media ownership. At the end of the quarter, students will present their journals to the rest of the class, helping us build a greater collective understanding of how we embody the unreal and how this embodiment can be remixed within the classroom.
Academic Term
Autumn 2021
Assigned Section