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Q’lloquium: Intersectional research topics for and by queer/trans scholars

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Valerie Schweigert
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Supervised by: 
Jen Self

This course will be self guided and driven by students seeking to propose, investigate, and develop academic scholarship related to the queer and/or trans experience. Historically and concurrently, the perspectives and insights offered from the lived realities of folks who hold marginalized identities—particularly disabled QTBIPOC—have not received the institutional validation, valuation, and attention needed to best support these populations through consensual, affirming, evidence based research. The researcher/researched dynamic has often been extractive, exploitative, and further marginalizing for many. This space will attempt to bolster underrepresented voices and create an academic platform as well as community from which queer and/or trans students can perform inquiry relevant to their existences and present their scholarship at an end-of-quarter colloquium. 

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