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Conscious Cooking for Community

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Shelby Kindem and Molly Evans (Food Systems Major)
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Mary Childs

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">If the saying is true, ‘You are what you eat’... then what am I eating? Is it making me into the human I want to be? Join us as we ask macro scale questions about our food systems, down to the micro details of dirt. Such as: How is our food grown? How can we act intentionally to use food for the empowerment of society, economy, and ecosystems? How can we use food as medicine? How does food combat disease? We will discuss everything from Chinese medicine, farming, gut health, mindfulness, sustainability, and more, as we explore our connection and understanding of food in the 21st century. Through readings, guest speakers, and hands-on cooking workshops, we will get a little closer to understanding who we are, by what we eat.&nbsp; </span></p>

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