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Eroding Positionalities: Foundations and Infiltrations of White Supremacy in Higher Education

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Izumi Nance
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Nat Mengist

As we examine texts about whiteness, white power movements, and histories of higher educational institutions (including the UW), we will explore how white supremacist paradigms have foundations, and continue to infiltrate, our learning environments. As students, however, we will also engage with the foundations and methods of infiltration that we can leverage through our own positionalities, to shift complacencies within ourselves and in our communities. 

Texts include: 

-Bringing the War Home by Kathleen Belew

-A Challenge to White Silence in Radical Discussions by Robin DiAngelo 

-Ebony and Ivy 

-Craig Steven Wilder

-student activist guests from campus

-"UW Disorientation" materials, such as the zine and online powerpoint

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