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Ethical Design Thinking and Practice

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Michael Beach
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Supervised by: 
Phillip Thurtle

<p>In this focus group, we will create a new outreach portfolio for the CHID department using approaches from strategic communications and social media, critical university studies, ethical design thinking, and design sprint methodologies. We will reflect on the impact this new tool will have on the individuals for whom it will be used and the communities it will serve.</p>
<p>Throughout the process, we will work as a team to ideate, discover, plan, design (sketches, wireframes), prototype (high fidelity interactive mockups), evaluate (interviews and usability testing), and iterate on our creations. There will also be a journal/process-blog component where each team member will reflect on the experience, project, and/or process with writings, images, other media. By the end the quarter, each student will have an artifact of the work they have accomplished, great for a portfolio piece.</p>

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