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The Politics of Improvisation: What Exists Within Us When We Give Ourselves Space to Express

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Ariel Vardy
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Philip Thurtle

The focus group will experientially develop a vocab and skillset for improvisation work through activities that act as primary texts prompting metaphysical and introspective discussions. Following our primary texts, we will reflect, discuss and follow any vulnerable or meaningful content that arises naturally. Often times this includes: how we tend towards specific archetypal relationships with others (dominant/submissive, adversary/supporter, hurt/caretaker) | how we engage with our own internal narratives, dialogues, and stories | unpacking our personal stereotypes/expectations regarding ourselves | finding, breaking, and questioning our personal tendencies and habitualized ways of acting and responding | etc... The skills (and vocabulary) we will be building include; Finding and Following Curiosity, Seeing Offers, “Yes And”, Wielding Focus in a Duet or Ensemble, Becoming Embodied, Mindfulness, Understanding Scores, World Building, and Intentionality. 

This quarter we will be recognizing the inescapably active roles we all play in building our joint reality, and then seizing that agency with greater intentionally. If improvisation scares you, this is a great place to explore why, and how to better parse through the ambiguities in your life. If you love being improvisational, explorative, mindful, in the present moment, or embrace chaos, this class will certainly delve into your happy place.  


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