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The Politics of Improvisation

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Ariel Vardy
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Maria Elena Garcia
Improvisation relates to all parts of life: cooking, playing music in a group, having a conversation with a friend, going on a date, giving a public speech, choosing a stall in the bathroom etc... This focus group will explore some of the fundamentals of improvisation, appealing to a cross-disciplinary conception of what improvisation is. The focus group will be facilitated experientially. Playing with various theatre or body movement activities we will be using improvisational activities to explore key components of improv: Lead/Follow, Offer/Listen, The Score, Omi-Awareness, and Intentionality. We will then apply these ideas to our academic work and sharpen all improvisational intereactions within our lives. If improvisation scares you, this is a great way to explore why and how to better parse through ambiguity in your life. If you love being improvisational, explorational, mindful, in the present moment, or embrace chaos, this focus group will certainly delve into your happy place.


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