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The Deaf World: Culture, Audism, and Ability

Student Name: 
Jackie McCartin
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Supervised by: 
Nancy White

This focus group will be focused on Deaf Culture, Audism, and Ability. Throughout the weeks, we will be learning basic sign language as well as engaging in various assignments such as short papers, videos, discussions, and games. We will focus on the question “Why is being Deaf NOT a disability”. We will also learn about the culture and views of the Deaf community and discuss the issue of audism and what it is. Another strong topic we will be discussing is the Cochlear Implant Controversy and why it is so important. This focus group will also tie in famous actors, sports, music, and television. We will be watching various episodes of Switched at Birth, reading different articles by Aurora Moon, and G. Thomas Couser, in order to learn more about the views of disability, the Deaf culture, and as a reference to many other topics at hand. 

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