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Sex, Gender, & Relationships: Topics and Discussion

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Marie Shimada
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Supervised by: 
Christina Wygant

The title of this course is "Sex, Gender, & Relationships." Throughout the quarter, we will have opportunities to expand our definitions of these terms, as well as understand how our peers understand these terms and concepts. Understanding how others view and relate to relationships will help us grasp a broader understanding of the individuals that make up the society we live in, as well as ourselves. By exploring sex and gender, we will have the chance to navigate through the complex histories that these come with, as well as gain an opportunity to learn about their significance in both society and academia. What I am hoping we will learn in this class is that everyone has a different approach and understanding of these themes, and it is our duty to be made socially and academically aware of how these themes effect society and education. 

Weekly assignments may come in different mediums, such as academic readings, pop culture readings, videos/movies, art, music, etc. Each student will give a five or ten minute presentation once this quarter (if there are less than ten students, some may choose to present twice). The preparation work for these presentations will correlate to the topic and reading/viewing/assignment of the week. Before the class discussions on the weekly topics, we have the opportunity to participate in various free writing activities. These free-writes will not be submitted, however, they are intended to stretch the forms of thinking and learning. Lastly, participation in this class is tantamount to your learning and success.