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Embracing the Absurd: exploring the relationship between modern technology and theatre in 20th-century Central Europe

Student Name: 
Andrew Simonetti
Supervised by: 
Phillip Thurtle

This focus group explores the relationships between science/technology and art/performance. We will focus on these relationships in the context of the Central European culture, filled with absurdity. We will begin by introducing a brief overview of what absurdism is as defined by Albert Camus and identifying what Theatre of Absurd is as defined by Martin Esslin. After we have acquired the analytical tools necessary to identify, describe, and critique the Absurd we will draw relationships from this absurdist philosophy to the Central European region and its relationship to World War II and the Cold War. We will then begin to read plays and analytical texts to identify surveillance technologies that form the discourse around privacy in plays and what concrete changes these technologies have created in these art forms. We will end by discussing the ethical and moral responsibilities scientists, engineers, and all members of the “creative community” face. 

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