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There and Back Again: Re-Integrating After Study Abroad

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Natalie Parrish
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Supervised by: 
Theron Stevenson

There and Back Again is a 2 credit course focusing on CHID Study Abroad programs and the emotional baggage that comes with reintegration back into the US and the University of Washington. This will be a chance to revisit questions or problems that have stuck with you since you were abroad, to make sense of your whole experience, to share peak experiences and to reflect on how the experience changed you as a person. The goal is to reflect on your experience abroad as well as to continue and connect with you study abroad in some way. Many times students have difficulties dealing with reverse culture shock upon their return, feelings of nostalgia, disappointment, restlessness and misunderstanding from your friends and family. There will be a project element to this class to help connect back to your study abroad experience that will also help express your experience in some way to your friends and family. We will be creating individual digital narratives of a story from your program that you feel represents your trip and the changes you went through in some way. The goal of this class is to help students reintegrate and cope with their experiences abroad and upon return back home.   

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