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CHID Senior Thesis Presentation

All students completing a CHID senior thesis have an opportunity to present an oral presentation of your research to the UW community, peers, professors, friends, and family during week 10 of the quarter.  This 10-minute presentation acts as a demonstration of your thought, research, writing, and work shopping processes over the first quarter of thesis work, or during CHID 491.  In your presentation, you will be asked to demonstrate the essence, or the “So what?” of your project, as well as the relevance of your work in general.  While you do not need to provide the audience with every detail of your assignment, instead take one aspect of your project and expand upon it.  Many students have found it useful to use PowerPoint when presenting their work, as this is a formal presentation.  You will present your work individually while sitting on a panel with your peers, which will conclude with a 10-minute Q&A portion.  

Please note that students completing CHID 491(A) will be practicing a mock-presentation in class during week 9.  Should you be completing CHID 491(B) as an independent study, you are highly encouraged to complete your thesis presentation during the first quarter of your thesis work.  It is your responsibility to contact the instructor of CHID 491(A) so that you may be included in the presentation schedule.

The goals of the CHID Senior Thesis Presentation are fivefold: 1. to give you the opportunity to share your ideas in a friendly, conference-like academic setting; 2. to guide you in assessing the greater purpose and relevance of your thesis; 3. to push your thinking from critiquing to creating; 4. to both learn from the work of your peers’ as well as to challenge both your and their assumptions; and 5. to receive valuable feedback from your peers, friends, family, and professors.  

You are highly encouraged to invite your friends, family, and professors to this exciting event!