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Autumn 2016

CLIP Program: Food, Environmental, and Multispecies Justice

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 250A: Environmental Feminisms and Queer Ecologies O'Laughlin, Lauren

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 207: Introduction to Intellectual History Barr Clingan, Nicolaas
CHID 222: Biofutures Thurtle, Phillip
CHID 230: Introduction to Disability Studies Woiak, Joanne
CHID 250B: Manufacturing the Human: Borders, Becomings, and Interspecies Politics Venters, Scott
CHID 444: Eye and Mind Thurtle, Phillip
CHID 480A: Higher Education, “Global Development” and the Politics of Knowledge Oppenheim, Willy
CHID 480B: Protesting Anti-Black Racial State Violence Hotz, Alysse

Encounters Across Cultures

Class Title Instructor Name
ANTH 469: Special Studies in Anthropology: Medicine, Science, and Technology in Southeast Asia Grant, Jenna
ANTH 479: Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology: Feminist Performance Ethnography Chapman, Rachel
ASIAN 203: Literature and Culture of Ancient and Classical India Pauwels, Heidi
CHSTU 254: Northwest Latino Ethnic Communities: Culture, Race, Class, Immigration, and Socio-Economic and Political Marginalization Gamboa, Erasmo
ENGL 315: Literary Modernism Staten, Henry
GERMAN 322: Introduction to German Cultural Studies Wilke, Sabine
GERMAN 421: Dramatic Turns: 18th Century German Theatre Prutti, Brigitte
HSTRY 388A: Introduction to History Colloquium: Food, Family, and Ethnicity: Comparative Historical Perspectives Green, Mira
HSTRY 388B: Introduction to History Colloquium: Identity and Politics in the Modern Middle East: Nation, Religion, Conflict Bet-Shlimon, Arbella
HSTRY 388C: Introduction to History Colloquium: Meiji Civilization Hasegawa, Kazumi

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 475: Research Topics in American Indian and Indigenous Studies  
ANTH 305: Anthropology of the Body  
ANTH 369: Special Problems in Anthropology: Indigenous Science Gonzalez, Sara
CHID 270B: Literature, Culture, and the Environment: Food, Animals, Waste, Climate in the Anthropocene Wilke, Sabine
CHID 270C: The Holocaust and Popular Film Block, Richard
CHID 459: Narrative Journalism Silberner, Joanne
CHID 495: Close Readings: Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” Diment, Galya
C LIT 362: Topics in Modern Literature: World Modernism Searle, Leroy
C LIT 397C: Special Topics in Cinema Studies: Polanski Crnkovic, Gordana
LIT 298: Sympathy for the Devil: The Rhetoric of Compassion Wiggins, Elwood

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 350: Women in Law and Literature Novotny, Patricia
CHID 434: Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People Brown, Sharan
CHID 480A: Higher Education, “Global Development,” and the Politics of Knowledge Oppenheim, Willy
CHID 480B: Protesting Anti-Black Racial State Violence Hotz, Alysse
C LIT 497: Special Topics in Cinema Studies: Queer Theory Cooper, Tamara
ENGL 440: Special Studies in Literature Cherniavsky, Eva
GWSS 290A: Black Gender: Manhood and Womanhood in the African American Community TBA
GWSS 290B: Black Feminist Geographies TBA
GWSS 290C: Gender and Fandom in Online Context Lee, Regina
GWSS 490: Online Interactions TBA
HSTCMP 290: Race and Slavery in the Colonial Americas Smallwood, Stephanie