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Autumn 2014

Gateways to CHID

Class Title Instructor Name
CHID 207 Introduction to Intellectual History  Barr Clingan, Nick
CHID 210 The Idea of the University: Ways of Learning, Exploring, and Knowing  Johnson, Jason
CHID 222 Biofutures Thurtle, Phillip
CHID 250 Hollywood: The Portrayal of Minority Communities in the Motion Film Industry Andresen, Third
CHID 250 Exploring the Politics of Play Schenold, Terrence E
CHID 280 Indigenous Encounters: Politics, Culture, and Representation in Latin America Lucero, Jose A
CHID 480: Edutopias Myers, Tamara
CHID 480 The Politics of Imprisonment Dwyer, Anne
CHID 480 Eco-Cosmopolitanism Childs, Mary

Encounters Across Culture

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 331 American Indian History I: European Discovery to 1840  Harmon, Alexandra J
ANTH 361 Anthropology of Food  Pena, Devon G
ASIAN 203: Literature and Culture of Ancient and Classical India Salomon, Richard G
CHSTU 254  NW Latinos: History, Community, Culture  Gamboa, Erasmo
ENGL 315  Literary Modernism Staten, Henry J.
ENGL 330  The Romantic Age TBA
GEOG 310 Immigrant America: Trends and Policies from a Geographic Perspective  Brown, Michael P.
GERMAN 322 Introduction to German Cultural Studies Prutti, Brigitte
POL S 309 The Western Tradition of Political Thought, Pre-Modern Sanders, Rachel L.
ASIAN   207  Fairies, Genies, and Monsters: The Romance in India Dubrow, Jennifer
JSIS 480 Mexican Cinema Steele, Cynthia
HSTEU 490 Cultural History of Poland TBA

Ideas in the World

Class Title Instructor Name
AIS 203  Philosophical and Aesthetic Universes Warrior, Carol Edelman
ANTH 305  Anthropology of the Body Anagnost, Ann S.
CEP 301  The Idea of Community Purcell, Mark H.; Campbell, Christopher D.
ENGL 302  Critical Practice  Simpson, Caroline Chung; Reddy, Chandan C.
ENGL 358  Literature of Black Americans  Ibrahim, Habiba
GEOG 375 Geopolitics  Hannah, Joseph
SLAV 425 Ways of Meaning: Universal and Culture Specific Aspects of Language Dziwirek, Katarzyna
POL S 309 The Western Tradition of Political Thought, Pre-Modern Sanders, Rachel L.
Music 445 Music and Community Dudley, Shannon
PHIL 401 Schopenhauer's "The World as Will and Representation" Marshall, Colin

Power and Difference

Class Title Instructor Name
AES 389/GWSS 389/COM 389  Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media  TBA
AES 490 Representing Beyond the Binaries: Mixing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media  Nishime, Leilani
CHID 350 Women in Law and Literature Novotny, Patricia S.
CHID 434 Civil and Human Rights Law for Disabled People  Brown, Sharan E
SOC 292 Who Gets Ahead? Public Schooling in America  Pitchford, Susan
SOC 360 Introduction to Social Stratification   Rosenfeld, Jake H
ANTH 305  Anthropology of the Body Anagnost, Ann S.
Honors 394 A: Philosophy of Gender in Western Thought  Bright, Clare
Honors 230 B: Rhetoric and Debate: race, class, gender and public debate  Souder, Mike
LSJ 491A Working Immigrants: Legality and Rights Pinedo-Turnovsky, Carolyn
LSJ 491C Human Rights and Constitutional Law in the United States Mayerfeld, Jason
COM 495 Beyond Talk: Race, Communication, and Community Nishime, Leilani
C LIT 497 Disability in Russian Cinema Alaniz, Jose