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The Program in the Comparative History of Ideas is widely recognized and respected for its innovative and transformative international programs. We believe that a “foreign” experience should be a part of every liberal education, not as a means of escape or self-affirmation, but as a path toward critical realistic participation in a world that is both increasingly unified and persistently diverse. Our primary goal is to expose carefully cultivated communities of students and faculty to the complexity of the world through exposure to other cultures and through self-reflection, recognizing that cultural horizons are historically constructed. As with our program on campus, our International Programs are guided by the CHID principles.

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Upcoming Programs - Accepting Applications

CHID Viet Nam program

Summer 2015

Location: Dong Ha and Hanoi, Viet Nam
Program Director:
CHID Bangalore

Summer 2015

Location: Bangalore, India
Program Director:
Woman in a museum in Amsterdam

Early Fall Start 2015

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Program Director:
Constanta, Romania

Early Fall Start 2015

Location: Bucharest, Tbilisi, Romania, Georgia
Program Director:
View of New York City

Early Fall Start 2015

Location: New York City, United States
Program Director:
CHID Prague Program

Autumn 2015

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Program Director:

Upcoming Programs - Applications Not Yet Available

Upcoming and Current Programs - Applications Closed

Winter 2015

Rome and Istanbul
Rome, Budapest, and Istanbul, Italy, Hungary, and Turkey

Spring 2015

San Sebastián, Spain
San Sebastián, Barcelona, Spain
Padova, Italy
Padova, Venice, Verona, Florence, Rome, Italy

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