What do you do with a CHID degree?

Program graduates have gone on to postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences as well as to professional training and careers in a wide variety of fields including law, international relations, administration and public policy, medicine, education, journalism, the fine arts, new media and film. CHID alum teach English around the world, work as interior designers and personal trainers, run their own pottery studios, are librarians, musicians, dentists, social workers, and museum curators. They’ve written speeches for former UN Secretary–General Kofi Annan, owned hostels in Cape Town, and opened up coffee shops in Arkansas. They’ve joined the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and the Marines. The possibilities for what you can do with a CHID major is limited only by your imagination.

If you have ever thought about applying to grad school, you may want to check out this map showing where our alum have gone to school and what programs they are/were in. Please note, it's a work in progress--there is lots more data to add!

Where Chiddies Go

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