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Vivo Art: Investigating Art, Science, and Society

Friday Harbor, WA, USA

Term Offered: 
Coastline at the edge of Friday Harbor, ferry sailing in the background
Approximate Dates of Instruction: 
August 22, 2022 to September 16, 2022

The rapid advancement in scientific technologies and innovations could easily seem like science fiction to the casual observer. Each day gives us new examples of a future that exists where we have the capabilities to radically transform human life from discoveries made in a laboratory.  Reckoning with this rapid growth requires a level of interdisciplinary understanding and collaboration that few academic programs are prepared to offer. The Vivo Art program will present to students a sophisticated understanding of science, an appreciation of what it means to create, and a reckoning for how a livable future depends upon inter-disciplinary and ecological cooperation.

Central to the class is the question “what are research practices in science, art, and the humanities and how do they differ?”  In order to explore this question, faculty will introduce students to laboratory practice in bacteriology, acquaint them with the growing field of bioart (artistic practice involving scientific tools and concepts), and encourage them to think creatively about the important role of scientific and humanistic concepts in national and international governance.

The easy availability of student laboratories, the proximity of shoreline and a nature preserve for field work, and the presence of a library and classroom facilities make Friday Harbor Laboratory one of the few places that could successfully house this unique four-week course. Due to the demand for Friday Harbor’s facilities and to lower the cost of the program, the second two weeks of the program will be held on the UW Seattle campus using the CHID Lounge as well as facilities from the medical school.

  • CHID 395: Interdisciplinary Praxis Lab (5 credits I&S, VLPA, NW)
Fulfills Requirements: 
I&S Credit
VLPA Credit
NW Credit
Total Program Fees: 

*Note that the fees stated above do not include some additional costs, including, but not limited to:  Study Abroad Insurance ($1.64/day) and personal spending money. These costs will differ by program. Be sure to read our Fees, Financing, and Withdrawal information for details about the fee structure and payment schedule.