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Senior Thesis

A senior thesis is a substantial, independent project, supervised by a directing faculty that allows CHID students to explore further and demonstrate the application of their individual pathway through the CHID curriculum. The senior project should demonstrate that the student has attained the educational objectives of the major. Students who have planned and finished a large-scale academic project will not only have the ability to finish similar projects in their chosen field of work, but they will also have developed the communication skills necessary for the successful dissemination of their ideas.

Senior thesis projects often take the form of long papers, though other formats are acceptable. The length and complexity of the project will depend on whether one chooses the 10-credit or 15-credit option. It is fulfilled by completing CHID 491 and CHID 493 (with the optional CHID 492).  *Please note that students who declared CHID as their major before the Fall 2014/2015 academic year have the option of completing a 5-credit thesis. CHID 490: Research Seminar can be used to satisfy the 5-credit thesis option.  

Students who are completing a 10-credit thesis will register for the CHID 491 seminar during the first quarter, followed by CHID 493 the next quarter.  Students completing a 15-credit thesis, will register for the CHID 491 seminar the first quarter, CHID 493 the second quarter, and CHID 492 the final quarter.  Under special circumstances, students will be allowed to enroll in 492 and 493 in the same quarter.