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Torie Reed (she/her/hers)

Torie Reed's Profile Picture: Close up portrait with green background. Torie is smiling while wearing a blue striped shirt.

Contact Information

(206) 543-7333
PDL B102
Office Hours: 
M-F 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM


B.A., Comparative History of Ideas, University of Washington, 2015

As the Administrator, Torie Reed manages our administrative and student services operations. In collaboration with the CHID staff and faculty chair, Torie oversees administrative tasks, office coordination, and student and faculty curricular needs.

Torie is a CHID alum, having received her BA in 2015, with a minor in English. Her senior thesis combined her interests in psychology, mindfulness, and creative writing into a personal memoir. With the use of Katherine Stewart’s Ordinary Affects as inspiration, Torie’s thesis attempts to answer the question: “How does one represent a significant life experience in a nonlinear, memory-based text?”

While completing her BA, Torie worked as CHID’s Student Assistant, which inspired her to begin a career in higher education administration. Since then, Torie has served as the Administrative Coordinator in the Management & Organization Department of the Foster School of Business, CHID's Program Assistant, and assisted the English Department's Undergraduate Advising Office. She has also volunteered at UW DO-IT’s (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) Summer Study Program to promote inclusion and success for high school students with disabilities. With a goal to help create a better and more meaningful educational experience that is fair, inclusive, and consistent, she is pursuing a Masters of Education in Adult and Higher Education at Western Washington University. 

Outside of work, Torie is often found doing something that engages her imagination, whether that be writing, painting, or reading a good book. She is also quite fond of gardening.