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Cynthia Anderson speaking at Tasveer's 2019 Storywallahs event
January 24, 2019
A few of us were privileged to witness a powerful voice at Tasveer’s recent “Storywallahs: What’s In Your Name?” event: CHID’s own Cynthia Anderson! Cynthia was the first performer of the evening, and she left the large audience breathless until the end. Please watch: Her performance was also just featured in a... Read more
January 24, 2019
If you pop over to the current issue of Western Humanities Review, you will see Annie Dwyer's name under her recent publication, "The Humanities Doctoral Student in the Community"! The Simpson Center for the Humanities here at UW just posted a news piece to recognize her achievement.... Read more
Portrait of Che Seyhun
December 13, 2018
Comparative History of Ideas and Biology alum Che Seyhun ('11) has been busy. A 2017 Neddy Artist Award winner, Che has been organizing artists of color to eat together and honor their communities. This year he launched his new G'ma Project, which brings together real stories about real grandmas from all over the world. Check out the... Read more
Dr. María Elena García, working on a laptop in her colorful Padelford office.
December 13, 2018
2018-2020 Hanauer Honors Professor María Elena García has been awarded a prestigious National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship to complete her research for Gastro-Politics, Race, and Species in Peru, a book-length study about the recent culinary boom in Peru that has made Lima one of the top food destinations in the world. Dr. García is one of 253 award recipients, totaling $14.8 million; 84 of these were fellowships.... Read more
Graphic of a human chain
November 2, 2018
To celebrate the many accomplishments of Chiddies of all types—students, faculty, alumni—we have compiled below a sampling of recent honors and news items - and there is a lot to celebrate!! Do you have news that you want to share with your CHID community? An award or recognition? A great gig? Going to grad school? Life event to share? Let us know – send a short description and any web links to CHID Outreach Coordinator Nat Mengist, We want to... Read more
Phillip Thurtle at Table
November 2, 2018
by Phillip Thurtle, CHID Director Forty years ago, a new program at the University of Washington offered its first class, intent on creating an undergraduate curriculum based on “comparative and interdisciplinary courses”. It was called the Comparative History of Ideas Program, was originally housed in the Comparative Literature Department, and borrowed its instructors from the departments of History, English, Comparative Literature, Art History, and Comparative Religion. Not many... Read more
Wilson Rahn Playing Guitar
November 2, 2018
by Wilson Rahn, CHID Major Hi! My name is @wilson.likethevolleyball, but the government just calls me Wilson. Honestly it kinda bugs me that the government has given me a name because, honestly, we haven’t historically been super tight. In fact, I feel like often times the government represents ideas that don't at all reflect my values or truths. And that’s wack. But you know what? For the better part of my lifetime, I have done little to nothing to change that. I am happy to report... Read more
John Toews Headshot
November 2, 2018
by Nat Mengist, '15 Selections from a recent interview with CHID’s first director, Professor Emeritus John Toews: Nat: You've talked about relationships with former students over the years. John: I've actually talked to some people about this and my colleagues have said that what you'll find out is that it won't be the honors you've received—it won't be the accolades you've gotten from your academic colleagues, which will fade very quickly because a lot of... Read more
Suzanne St Peter Headshot
November 2, 2018
by Suzanne St Peter, '91 Having served as CHID Administrator for just over two-and-a-half years, I have been introduced as a CHID staff member numerous times while also being acknowledged as a CHID alum, as are all current CHID staff. There is usually talk about how, as CHID alumni, we all embody the values and principles inherent in the CHID program. At these times, however, I have felt compelled to issue a caveat, saying something to the effect of, “Yes, well, I... Read more
Alyssa Taylor reaching to grab a library book from a packed shelf
June 14, 2018
Alyssa Taylor has been featured as one of four College of Arts and Sciences graduates in order to "demonstrate the breadth and depth of the College while highlighting outstanding students." Check out Alyssa's Spark page here: Alyssa majored with a B.A. in CHID and a minor in Diversity, and is completing a senior thesis project titled “Decolonizing Healthcare: Colonial Legacies and the Health of Filipino... Read more