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Maria Elena Garcia
May 7, 2018
Dear Friends, As I write on this spring morning the sun is shining and there is a feeling of renewal. CHID, which is no stranger to renewal and reinvention, is also entering another moment of change. I want to begin with an update on our journey toward departmentalization. We are very close to achieving our goal of transforming the CHID program into a full department with greater autonomy than ever before. There are still a few bureaucratic hoops to clear, but we are close! We hope to... Read more
Graphic of a human chain
May 3, 2018
To celebrate the many accomplishments of CHIDdies of all types—students, faculty, alumni—we have compiled below a sampling of recent honors and news items - and there is a lot to celebrate!! Do you have news that you want to share with your CHID community? An award or recognition? A great gig? Going to grad school? Life event to share? Let us know – send a short description and any web links to CHID Outreach Coordinator Nat Mengist, We want to... Read more
A portrait of Lorraine Berry
May 3, 2018
by Lorraine Berry I transferred to the U-dub in 1982. My freshman year had been spent at Western Washington University, where I had come in as a political science major, but during the course of the year, anytime anyone asked me what my major was, I had a new answer each week as I struggled to find the right fit. I took some time off and went to Memphis , where I discovered that I wasn’t cut out to be a... Read more
CHID study abroad program students and program directors in front of a store in Peru
May 3, 2018
by Monica Rojas-Stewart and Adam Warren Last summer, nine UW students had the opportunity to participate in a new CHID Study Abroad program in Peru, in which they explored the politics of Blackness and Indigeneity in the Andean country. Bringing together the arts, the humanities, and the social sciences, this interdisciplinary program led by Adam Warren (History) and Mónica Rojas-Stewart (Latin American and Caribbean Studies) invited students to observe, work alongside, and learn from... Read more
Portrait of Che Seyhun
May 3, 2018
by Che Sehyun I accidentally got a CHID major—but it was a perfect fit. I have always looked at my life as a learning process. More than aiming for some grandiose goal, larger purpose, or emulation of greatness, I strive to get better at life, in a holistic sense, within all of its various aspects. By studying what I was drawn to, interested in, and found relevance and meaning in—I completed all of the CHID major requirements except their core courses and thesis. I was honored to work... Read more
April 24, 2018
“The sounds of the shoreline are a mix of the waves and the rocky beach. The voices are combined voices.”  --July Hazard Congratulations to July, Cleo, and the students of Ecopoetics Along Shorelines for their feature in Perspectives, the College of Arts and Sciences Newsletter! Visit ... Read more
bring the war home_belew
April 19, 2018
White-power activity in the United States is not new, nor has it been as shadowy as we may have imagined. It was known and then forgotten. We must, collectively, recognize its strength and history, or our amnesia will make it impossible to respond to such activism and violence in the present. Dr. Kathleen Belew calls the country to action in her recent New York Times Op-Ed titled, "The History of White Power." A... Read more
Headshot of Kevin Y Kim
April 6, 2018
CHID affiliate faculty member Kevin Y. Kim has been selected to be a faculty fellow at the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University. As a Warren fellow in residence for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year, Kim will work on his current book project, Worlds Unseen: Henry Wallace, Herbert Hoover, and the Making of Cold War America. Joining a yearlong seminar led by Harvard historians Fredrik Logevall and Erez Manela, Kim and other internationally... Read more
Claire Dederer
March 9, 2018
"Writing ‘Love and Trouble’ was kind of a feminist act, and it changed me.” 1993 CHID alum Claire Dederer came to the UW from Oberlin College with dreams of becoming a writer. She is now a best-selling author. Known for her books Love and Trouble: A Midlife Reckoning (2017) and Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses (2010), Dederer also writes for the New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic Monthly, and The New York Times. Featured in the Spring issue of... Read more
Victoria Cummins and CARE
February 16, 2018
CHID and business major Victoria Cummins has been featured in the Sequim Gazette for her work with the Campus Animal Rights Educators! “Since I was little, I’ve always questioned things” Victoria has been working with CARE to promote vegan dining options on campus, humane treatment of animals, and safe spaces for all eaters. Rather than using pigs to practice airway opening procedures in paramedic training programs, CARE advocates for... Read more