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After the Pacific: Indigenous Histories and Futures

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 3:00pm
Wǝɫǝbʔaltxw Intellectual House

This ocean

Has much to teach me.

-Teresia K Teaiwa (I-Kiribati)

Illustrating how much Oceania has to teach scholars of American Studies, Native Studies and various kinds of area studies, this panel brings two leading Pacific Islander scholars to invigorate on-going conversations about the decolonization of knowledge production at UW and beyond. Reflecting long, rich and sustained transnational engagements with the histories of the peoples of Guam and Hawai‘i respectively, Professors Diaz and Aikau will provide vibrant examples of the theoretical and political currents from the Pacific that are reframing debates over sovereignty, temporality, and politics.


  • Hokulani Aikau, “Preparing for a Trans-Indigenous Futurity through Everyday Acts of Resurgence”
  • Vince Diaz, “Stepping In It: How to Smell the Fullness of Indigenous Histories"


  • American Indian Studies
  • Wǝɫǝbʔaltxw Intellectual House Academic Programming Committee
  • Comparative History of Ideas Program
  • Jackson School of International Studies
  • Simpson Center for the Humanities