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CHID Rome, Budapest & Istanbul Info Session

CHID Rome, Budapest & Istanbul
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 3:30pm
CHID Lounge (Padelford C101)

Come find out about "Legacies of Empires," CHID's Winter 2015 Study Abroad Program in Rome, Budapest, and Istanbul!

The goal of this program is to reveal how our world of nation states is a very recent and fragile historical phenomenon. For many centuries, vast empires ruled and determined the lives and destinies of diverse peoples. Many of the ideas, ideals, ideologies and policies of the Roman, Byzantine, Hapsburg and Ottoman Empires are still relevant to understanding the often contradictory and unresolved issues of today’s world. This program will allow students to investigate these ideas and relationships in the sites where they once flourished.

Meet the program directors, find out more about the program locations and content, and ask any questions you have.

Hope to see you there!