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CHID 490 & 491 Spring 2013 Senior Thesis Presentations Allen Auditorium (in Allen Library North), Tuesday, May 28th, 10:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Thesis Presentations
Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 10:30am to 5:00pm
Allen Auditorium (in Allen Library North),

Group 1: Questioning Genres

10:30 Blaine Doherty- “Creating Imageless Thought through the Uncanny and Animation

10:40 Gerardo De La Cruz- “Minecraft in the World”

10:50 Jixia Ao- “Exploring Perspective and Reality through Speculative Fiction”

11:00 Ryan Hulsey- “The Creation of ‘Rivers’: the Methodology and Process behind the Graphic Novel”

11:10 Solon Scott- “Understanding Games”

11:20 Q&A; Group 2 Set-Up

11:30-11:35 BREAK

Group 2: The Human Condition: Reading Bodies and Inhabiting Spaces

 11:35 Kirk Calvo- “Powerless in the Face of Culture” 

11:45 Michelle Kehne- “Mapping in the Folds: New Cartographies of Seattle”

 11:55 Ryder Richardson- “Neither Here Nor There”

12:05 Stephen Frontauria- “Theories of Mind”

 12:15 Bennett Schatz- "Speculative Fiction through Musical Friction"

 12:25 Q&A; Group 3 Set-Up

 Group 3: Food, Land Rights, Colonialism, and Capitalism

 12:35 Acacia Huff- “An Indigenous Feminist Critique on Gender Violence in North America”

 12:45 Madi Taylor- “The Quinoa Crisis”

 12:55 Maren O’Malley- “Does Empower Really Come Down to Economics?  The Implications of “Investing” in Women in Developing Nations

 1:05 Marion Siman- “Co-Ops, Communes, & Intentional Living Communities: An Interactive Look into the History of Intentional Communities in the U.S.”

1:15 Q&A

1:25-1:30 Break; Group 4 Set-Up

 CHID 490 Thesis Presentations

Group 4: Monsters and Aliens

 1:30 Nick Tobin, “Washington State Video Portraits”

1:40 Tyler Ninomura, “Monster N Me: A Gamic Approach to Monstrosity and Internalization of Good and Evil”

 1:50 Brenda Barrios, “Invisible People: Looking at modern day slavery in the United States Workforce”

 2:00 Mariah Alderete, “Cows with Guns”

 2:10 Q&A; Group 5 Set-Up

 Group 5: Constructing Ableness

 2:20 Lainie Farmer, “Lentil and Friends”

 2:30 Malyn Teep, “DanceAbility: Hearing dance and Seeing sound”

 2:40 Tommy Cunningham, “Robotic Prosthetics”

 2:50 Emily Vandervort, “The Dangerous Polarization of Opinion on Depression”

 3:00 Q&A; Group 6 Set-Up

  Group 6: Ontological Octopoti

 3:10 Lily Anderson, “What We Can't Know Won't Hurt 'em”

 3:20 Catherine Hong, “Deep Sea Monsters—Octopi, Octopuses, Octopoda”

 3:30 Alina Ptak, “Intersecting Lines of Otherness Within Children’s Literature”

 3:40 Jon Yourzak, “One or many becomings?”

 3:50 Q&A; Group 7 Set-Up

  Group 7: Rerouting Reality

 4:00 Alyssa Evans, “Rerouting Reality: Challenging Everyday Perspectives on the ‘Other’”

4:10 Joey Distefano, “Discovering Reality”

 4:20 Vinnie Tran, “Human Parasite”

 4:30: Sarah Stauch, “Racial Identities in Central African Refugee Camps”

 4:40: Q&A

 4:50 Closing Statements; Clean-Up




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