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CHID 496 G: Focus Groups

Meeting Time: 
M 3:30pm - 5:20pm
SAV 139
Tamara Cooper

Focus Group Description

Class Title: Transnational Migration and Diasporas in Contemporary European Film
Student Faciliator: Nicole Johnson
Supervised by: Tamara Cooper

The current European migrant crisis has raised global awareness of transnational migration issues in Europe. Although the severity of this current crisis is unprecedented, massive transnational migration in Europe has occurred for decades. Through narrative films, we will examine the diverse experiences of these migrants and immigrants on an individual and personal level—such as their experiences with discrimination, forced/coerced labor, sexual exploitation, hazardous environments and violence. Through readings, we will examine these social problems through more macro-sociocultural and political perspectives. We will also consider a variety of circumstances that prompted migration, including persecution of LGBT migrants in their home countries (as well as discrimination they face in Europe), political violence and persecution experienced by asylum seekers.

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Credit/no-credit only.
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