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CHID 314 A: The Psychoanalytic Revolution In Historical Perspective

Meeting Time: 
TTh 12:30pm - 2:20pm
SMI 107
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Nicolaas P. Barr
John Toews

Syllabus Description:

The Aim of the Course is to develop an understanding of Freudian Psychoanalysis as a specific, culturally and historically defined, way of thinking about the self and its relations with and to others. During the first half of the course we will examine the construction and transformation of Freudian theory in the context of the crisis of liberal culture in central Europe between 1870 and 1939. Attention will be paid to parallel developments in literature, the arts, philosophy and social theory in order to situate Freud in the culture of "Modernism". The second half of the course will be focused on the transformation of Freudian theory after World War I and the divergent receptions of psychoanalysis among Freud's followers and critics. The "heresies" of Adler and Jung, and the movements they spawned will be examined, as well as the transformative impact of cultural migration in the context of the Fascist and Cold War eras. The course will conclude with consideration of the impact of French post-structuralist theory and Anglo-American cultural studies on the historical fate of psychoanalysis at the turn of our century.

 One of the threads we will try to draw through all of this material is that of the gendered self-- of the construction of masculine and feminine identities. But we will also examine questions of class, ethnicity, religion and national political culture as they relate to the creation and reception of Freudian conceptions of self formation.

Catalog Description: 
Genesis and evolution of Freudian theory in context of the crisis of liberal-bourgeois culture in central Europe and parallel developments in philosophy, literature, and social theory. Emergence and division of the psychoanalytic movement. Transformation of psychoanalysis in British, French, and especially American cultural traditions. Offered: jointly with HSTCMP 314.
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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