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CHID 498 C: Special Colloquia

Local & Global Engagements:Theory, Agency and Change (includes internship)

Summer Term: 
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Tamara Myers
Class Meets Mondays 9:40-2:10 and Tuesdays 9:40-12:30

Additional Details:

CHID’s 2015 Local/Global Engagements: Theory, Agency, and Change provides a unique opportunity for participating undergraduates to earn full-time, academic credit while exploring relationships among global and local realities. Over a 9-week period, this unique 12-credit program enables students to gain experience as interns in local organizations with a transnational focus in order to better understand linkages among local and global realities. Students also participate in a highly interactive seminar to reflect on their own social, political, economic, and ecological positioning and agency, to gain skill with a variety of critical and visionary interpretive frameworks, and to examine how social justice movements and other collectivities work to link theory with practice in efforts to create a more just and healthy world. The program provides participants with an exceptional and supportive space in which to grow as active and effective agents in their own education, communities, and world.

CLASS MEETS MONDAYS 9:40-2:10 AND TUESDAY 9:40-12:30. The rest of the week will accomodate 10 hours of internship involvement.

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Each colloquium examines a different subject or problem from a comparative framework.
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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