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CHID 496 A: Focus Groups

Let's Thrive: How much fun can we have on this big blue ball we call earth

Meeting Time: 
F 2:30pm - 4:20pm
EEB 037
Cynthia Anderson

Focus Group Description

Class Title: Let's Thrive!
Student Faciliator: joey distefano
Supervised by: phillup thurtle

My goal is to share some of the fascinating topics I have studied over the last few years traveling the world. These topics have radically helped me connect to nature, society, myself, and beyond. I hope to inspire and encourage students at the University of Washington to explore their lives in different ways by providing an array of different daily practices/activities, and weekly discussion topics. Each week there will be a few readings and exercises to practice in class and outside of it. Students will keep a log/journal of what they have read and or practiced. In the later weeks I will ask students to bring forth some of their own practices that they feel help them to thrive.


Working title:

Lets Thrive! How much fun can we have on this big blue ball we call earth? Through reading and exercise we will question and evaluate what is actually nourishing us, and how we can supercharge our selves, others, and our reality. Topics include; Telepathy, Food/diet, Healing, Astrology, Quantum mechanics, teaching/education


Topics to be explored

-Powerful energetic practices: Qigong, Kundalini yoga, 5 tibetan rites, acroyoga, contact/static dance, Telepathy/6th senses, Reki, and more

-Food/diets: Integral theory, Raw food, Cleanses, juicing, fasting

-Transforming places and generating/seeing vitalizing spaces

-Divination: Tarot, Astrology, and more

-Theories of the matrix we live in, and our consciousness: The holographic universe, the matrix, and more

-KINs network

-Consent, sexuality relationships (isims like ageism,


Books: (links are on the titles

Ken wilber Integral theory (Integral vision)

Jan spiller (Astrology of the soul)

The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

The five tibetan rites Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

The Holographic Universe

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Credit/no-credit only.
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