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CHID 496 D: Focus Groups

Meeting Time: 
T 1:30pm - 3:20pm
MEB 243

Focus Group Description

Class Title: Queer 101
Student Faciliator: Alyssa Pearce
Supervised by: Jen Self

What does “queer” mean to you? Queer 101 is a 2-credit discussion style class that will take an analytical and intersectional look at matters of race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, bodies and more to better understand what being queer means and how social identities affect the human experience. A stepping stone into issues of marginalization, power, privilege, and oppression, there is no requisite level of knowledge for this group. 

Material for this class will be provided by the facilitators, and will consist of blog articles ( and are two for reference), as well as short videos in the form of slam poetry and sketch comedy, a handful of short and free video games, and more classic literature from the voices of queer activism.  

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Credit/no-credit only.
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