CHID 480 A: Special Topics: Advanced Study Of The History Of Ideas

People Responding to War and Violence

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MW 9:10am - 11:10am
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Steve Gilbert

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Taking the meaning of home as a theme, this course aims to focus on the interdisciplinary urban and health implications and responses of war in areas of conflict. Combining theory and reality, we will use Palestine as a case study. Focusing on the occupation practices on people and the built environment, and the “walking through walls” military strategy, the objectives of this course are:

  • To examine the meaning of home in times of political and military conflicts.
  • To introduce linkages and interrelations between the built environment and health issues.
  • To explore peoples’ response to war and stress of the occupation. To brainstorm socio-institutional polices to mitigate implication of war.
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Examines a different subject or problem from a comparative framework with an interdisciplinary perspective. Offered: AWSp.
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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