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CHID 399 A: Internship

Local/Global Internships in Seattle

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Erin Brie Clowes
Tamara Myers

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The CHID 2013 Local/Global Internships in Seattle provides a unique opportunity for selected undergraduates to earn full-time, academic credit while exploring the connections between global ideas and local work. Over an 8-week period, students will both work in local organizations with a transnational focus and participate in seminars, which will provide a space for reflection on how to incorporate theory into practice.

This is an accessible option, which fulfills the Cultural and Historical Engagements CHID major requirement under the Local/Global Engagements course description. This 12-credit program enables students to have a transnational experience without leaving Seattle. As they build relationships within our local community, students are encouraged to be self-reflexive of their own local position/situation/context while thinking critically about their work experience and exploring the links between local and global systems. In these internships, students will trace local and global intersections in areas such as transnational identity politics, human rights, immigration, indigenous issues, legal rights, and violence.

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Off-campus engagement with a local, national, or international organization, in an apprenticeship or internship capacity. Supervised by on-site field supervisor and Comparative History of Ideas faculty member.
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