Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

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Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Professor, History
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature
Part-Time Lecturer
Lecturer, Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies
Part-Time Lecturer
Associate Professor, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Student Representative, CHID Major
Part-Time Lecturer
Assistant Director of CHID and Affiliate Assistant Professor of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
Professor and Chair, History
Lecturer, Disability Studies
Professor, English, and Simpson Center for the Humanities, Director



Title Date Time Meeting Location
Centering Animals in Latin American History
Zeb Tortorici and Martha Few
Jan 29 4:30pm to 6:30pm CMU 120


Title Date Time Meeting Location
Karma Chávez from Against Equality 
Karma Chávez, Against Equality
May 27 TBD
Sustaining Activism
Jeff Rubin and Emma Sokoloff-Rubin
Apr 18 12:00pm CMU 202