CHID 480: Special Topics: Advanced Study Of The History Of Ideas

Speculative Media
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Individuals and Societies
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M W 11:30-13:20
CMU 243
Examines a different subject or problem from a comparative framework with an interdisciplinary perspective. Satisfies the Gateways major/minor requirement. Offered: AWSp.

“Speculative Media” is an upper-division course that traces the history and theory of media from print to digital networks, paying particular attention to the formal differences each type of media contributes to modes of thought and perception. In this course, we read texts from the history and theory of media, cinema and television studies, and game studies; we screen films and television series from a wide range of genres— all in order to investigate how each form of media affects human and non-human modes of thought. Ultimately, the course asks a radical and speculative question: do media think? And if so, how?   

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